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This is where I let my ideas out. This is the space for reflection, observations, fiction and true stories. Nothing is censored. I’m on a journey to see where my writing will take me. It is my passion and my calling. I hope that you will enjoy what you read and leave an encouraging comment or helpful critique.

Conduit not Cups

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We strive towards clarity. We cannot exist without energy. We are lost without a sense of purpose and value. And, hopefully, we are aligned with a higher sense of morality….


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He was shot and killed immediately. Six months after leaving basic training, a bullet catches him in the head at la Drang. In two weeks he would turn 20. His…

Connect with your teen daughter on Snapchat

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  That same face that used to light up when she saw you now launches poison-dipped daggers at you for reasons you can’t understand. Where did your baby girl go?…

Majestic Place – a novel

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Amber My mother, aunt Cynthia, Amber and I did a lot together. We drove all over the city of Columbus exploring different stores and sampling small tastes of different foods….


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Ben is in an upscale pastry shop in a wealthy part of town where he makes eye contact with a beautiful, well dressed, dark-haired woman. He approaches her and the…

Queen of Passion

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Sweat drops stream together down the dark muscular channel of his bare lower back. He is a man intent on his task. His back contracts as he strains in the…

Dream or Nightmare

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You’ve always stayed with the safe guys because you grew up somewhat privileged. Jarell was fun, aggressive and scary. Kyle taught you what kinky was, but you couldn’t see yourself…

Do You Really Know Yourself? Zac Brown Band Does

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How can a man live almost half a century and not know who he is? I don’t mean subtle personality nuances. I’m talking about core beliefs and feelings that are…

They Called Me New Hampshire

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“What’s up New Hampshire!?” That was how they greeted me. It made me want to pour gasoline on them in their sleep, light a match and toast marshmallows. It was…

Can We Please Be Inappropriate Again?

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By the time I was 12 I had been called a nigger 1000 times and had my ass kicked by almost every kid in my neighborhood. It’s what came with…

Too Much Positivity

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I’m sitting there, squirming in my seat. My emotions flash from sadness to embarrassment to hopefulness as the song lyrics slice at my jaded, 47-year-old psyche. At Creative Mornings, a…

The Gift of Pain

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We all perceive joy and happiness differently, but pain is the great, beautiful, connector and our world would be lost without it. Pain is a part of daily life. It varies…

A Unicorn Will Kill You

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The most tragic consequence of being a unicorn is living in fear. The unicorn is the most highly sought after and most highly misunderstood creature on the planet. It lives…

The 6 Laws of Getting Sh$t Done GSD

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If you have big ideas but you never seem to finish anything, this article will give you the framework to finally get something done. Your friends will like you more. You’ll…

Love and Lapels

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Slipping into a well-fitting suit jacket like is being in love. Its like there’s confidence woven into the fabric. Once the jacket is on, a quick tug of the lapels…

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